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Museum Operations

Includes assisting in the museum as a docent by welcoming guests, giving visitor tours, helping with gift shop customers, volunteer recruiting and volunteer scheduling.

Assisting with preparation of foundation grant requests, corporate solicitations, individual solicitations, potential donor research, fundraising events, and preparation of fundraising materials.

Assisting with artifact description and preservation, artifact organization & interim storage, artifact database and artifact solicitation, visiting garage sales in the neighborhoods around Hobby in search of anything remotely aviation related, i.e. old photos albums, magazines, clothing (for uniforms), jewelry (wings, hat badges, other airline material), airplane models, aviation toys, books, etc).
Aircraft Operations

Assisting with preserving Lockheed Lodestar, hangar operations, aircraft collection development, air support in support of education, special events, publicity and fundraising.
Aircraft Support

Assisting with providing and flying owned or rented aircraft in support of Museum missions, including education programs, special events, fundraising and publicity.

Assisting with preparation of media releases, newsletter, media interaction, website, promoting the Museum to potential visitor, such as schools (regular session, summer school and private schools), youth groups (scouts, Civil Air Patrol), church groups (youth, seniors, other), community centers (senior groups and youth groups), local aviation groups (EAA, 99's, CAF, etc.), taking flyers and brochures to FBOs, hotels, FlightSafety and other businesses around Hobby and in the neighborhood.
Special Events

Including assisting with special events, such as Wings & Wheels Saturdays (3rd Saturday of every month), Museum Photo Contest, Museum Art Contest, soliciting special attractions, speakers, etc., for Museum events.
Special Projects

Assisting with restoration of Museum Fire Truck, DC-6 Nose, air stairs, soliciting vintage car donations.

Assisting with membership recruiting, membership database, preparation and distribution of membership incentives & materials, member communications, member renewal drive.
Historical Research

Assisting with research of historical information in support of Museum missions, compiling historical information for Museum publications, website, exhibits, educational programs, publicity and fundraising, conducting video oral history interviews.

Assisting with developing exhibits, art display, photo display, model display.
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