N841TA DC-6

DC-6 Nose

On October 31, 2003, Trans Air Supply Corporation of Melbourne, Florida donated the nose and front fuselage of a Douglas DC-6 to the 1940 Air Terminal Museum.

The nose section includes the DC-6's radome, complete cockpit, radio rack area and front door area, along with the nose landing gear and gear well.

A custom mobile cradle was fabricated to hold the DC-6 nose until it can be restored. Eventually, the Museum plans to have the nose fully restored in similar fashion to the Douglas DC-7 nose section displayed at the National Air & Space Museum.

The DC-6 is N841TA, and was originally delivered as a DC-6B passenger liner to Canadian Pacific Airlines in 1956 as CF-CZE, named Empress of Toronto. Canadian Pacific sold Empress of Toronto to World Airways in 1961.