N887 - St. Louis Helicopter

St. Louis Helicopter - N887

In 2007, St. Louis Helicopters donated the 1958 Sikorsky S-58 N887 to the Houston Aeronautical Heritage Society.

The S-58 was one of the first helicopters widely used by industry, serving in roles as diverse as airline transport, early offshore support, search and rescue and in the military. The Museum’s S-58 has been restored by volunteers.

St. Louis Helicopter - Company profile:

Since its inception in 1970 as St. Louis Helicopter Airways, Inc., the company has expanded from a single helicopter charter service to a multi-role helicopter operation. In 2002, the business was renamed St. Louis Helicopter after a group of investors bought out the company and re-focused exclusively on the heavy lift construction business.

Today, it is a multifaceted company, offering helicopter charter, flight instruction, aerial tours, power line/ pipeline inspection, helicopter sales and maintenance, aircraft recovery, stringing cables and lines, major overhauls, helicopter flight and training financing, aerial photography, and electronic news gathering. Its corporate headquarters is located in their 12,000 square foot office/hangar facility at Spirit of St. Louis Airport (KSUS) in Chesterfield, Missouri.

N887 - St. Louis Helicopter

St. Louis Helicopter - Company history:

St. Louis Helicopter Airways, Inc. was founded by John A. Angelbeck, Jr. in 1970. Mr. Angelbeck, owner of Pack Rite Packaging and Crating Co., Inc. purchased a Brantly helicopter in 1967 for transportation between his St. Louis office and his various Missouri plants. John Murphy, then a pilot for KSD radio’s traffic copter, taught Jack to fly the helicopter and a great friendship began. A short time later Jack upgraded to a Bell Jet Ranger.

Rumors had started in 1969 that St. Louis County Police Department was looking to implement a helicopter division. Jack, a real entrepreneur, saw an opportunity for a contract with the county. He upgraded the Bell Jet Ranger, with the addition of a cargo hook, got his Air Carrier Operating Certificate and started a company which he named St. Louis Helicopter Airways. The company was incorporated in 1970.

John Murphy, then a salesman with Hughes Helicopters approached Jack and proposed using the helicopter for charter and construction lift work. Jack hired John and gave him free reign to market and fly the helicopter and to run the company. Shortly thereafter, St. Louis Helicopter was issued a Rotorcraft External Load Certificate by the FAA.

After four months in the lift business, Jack and John saw the need for a larger helicopter. They decided to sell stock to raise the money for the purchase of a Sikorsky S-58 for heavy lift construction work. A couple of company name changes occurred including: Skycrane, Helicrane and finally back to St. Louis Helicopter Airways, Inc.

N887 - St. Louis Helicopter

Jack Angelbeck remained president and had controlling interest in St. Louis Helicopter Airways, Inc. until April 1, 1981 at which time, John and Rosemary Murphy purchased all common stock and became sole owners.

St. Louis Helicopter Airways' core business of Heavy Lift Construction, included operation of four Sikorsky S-58’s and one Sikorsky S-58T crane type helicopter. Since 1970, these helicopters have lifted equipment and material to and from roofs, towers, inaccessible and difficult areas, saving countless hours and dollars for the construction industry.

Helicopter Air Ambulance Programs began in February of 1979 with a wide variety of programs in up to eight markets by the late 1990’s. These contracts employed a variety of single and twin engine helicopters manufactured by Bell and Eurocopter.

By Spring 2002 the remaining medical helicopter assets were sold in order to once again focus on the Heavy Lift Construction Business.

N887 - St. Louis Helicopter

On September 1, 1990 John and Rosemary Murphy sold St. Louis Helicopter through an ESOP ownership. On August 31, 2002, a group of investors lead by Jim Robinson established St. Louis Helicopter, LLC and purchased all of the assets of St. Louis Helicopter Airways, Inc.

Since 1970, St. Louis Helicopter Airways, Inc. has expanded from the single helicopter charter service to our present multi-role helicopter operation. Our corporate headquarters is located in our own 12,000 square foot office/hanger facility at Spirit of St. Louis Airport in Chesterfield, Missouri.

N887 - St. Louis Helicopter

Flight safety continues to be a priority for all our employees. Our pilots and mechanics are all highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to safety both in and around the aircraft. St. Louis Helicopter has been awarded the Helicopter Association International SAFETY AWARD all but two years since its inception in 1974. We have also received a number of FAA flight safety awards.

"We are proud of our team’s ability to operate our organization in an effective and efficient manner. We will continue to focus on meeting the needs of our employees and customers."

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