Raffle Day

And the winner is...Philip Smith of Pasadena, TX!

This year's raffle day started out wet and muggy with light showers most of the morning, and clearing up by about lunch time.

Speaking of lunch, we changed things up a bit, and instead of cooking our own hot dogs, we called in Doggy Style Hot Dogs. The yellow & red van was a hit! The food was great, and Wings & Wheels visitors enjoyed reduced admission price. Look for them again next month!

At about 2pm, Bradley Elgin of Harper & Pearson certified public accountants drew the winning ticket.

Phlip was not in attendance, so we got him on the phone for all to hear. His reaction when he was told that he won was "no way!". At about 4pm Philip came by the museum to check out his new plane!

Thanks to museum volunteers Steve & Michael Wiley, we were able to live stream the giveaway over the internet! Using a cell phone with a high speed connection, we broadcasted the event to about 400+ people!

Click here to watch a replay of the live event.

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