HoustonSpotters & museum volunteer apreciation day

The weather for this month's Wings & Wheels started out questionable, with the clouds rolling in, clearing, out, but rolling in again! Eventually close to lunch, the clouds cleared out and it was a beautiful, but windy and cool day!

This month we turn our attention to those who turn their attention to airplanes and airports. If you love planes, we are right there with you! A plane spotter can be anyone from the families who enjoy Hobby's public viewing areas, to folks who like to jot down tail numbers, to those who improve their own craft photographing these flying craft. Why do you like to look at planes? Maybe you love refining your photgraphy techniques, and hope your shot is picked by a magazine or airline. Maybe you want to see how much of an airline's fleet you can see, and later compare notes with your fellow spotters. Maybe you just like watching these things take to the air, and share that enjoyment with your family.

HoustonSpotters.net is the home of a group of plane spotters in the vicinity of George Bush Intercontinental Airport (KIAH), William P. Hobby airport (KHOU), as well as other surrounding airports in the Houston, Texas area!

We also had Mary Coleman-Woolslayer on hand to promote her book, "A Biplane and Her Boy".

The Biplane, Betty Lou, discussed in the book "A Biplane and Her Boy" is the Stearman Biplane, which has a very special place in the history of aviation. Formally called the Model 75 Kaydet Trainer, it is more commonly known as a "Stearman" after one of its designers, Lloyd Stearman. From 1940 to 1945, almost all army and navy pilots earned their wings in a Stearman.

After World War II, Stearman Biplanes were sold as surplus and used as agricultural airplanes. Some of these antique aircraft have been lovingly restored by dedicated men and women, and today they are flown simply for the joy of flying.

Hobby airport operations was also on hand to give plane spotters a ramp tour, taking them all around the inside permiter of the airfield to get the best shots of the action at the airport!

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