Wings and Wheels

Wings & Wheels 2012

2012 was another great year for the museum, we gave away another airplane, had a B-17 hop rides off of our ramp, made some new friends with the Bay Area Aero club, expanded our volunteer base, as well as host events for countless people in a unique venue for their occasion.

THANKS to everyone who came out and helped to support the museum in 2012, we hope to see you back in the many years to come!

Each month, Wings & Wheels has a different theme to keep things fun and interesting. For a particular month's theme, we will try to get planes on static display, guest speakers, or hold special events which correspond to the curent theme.

No matter what type of plane you have, it is always welcome at Wings & Wheels!

Click on the month name below to view photos & information about previous Wings & Wheels events.

Wings & Wheels 2012


Business Aviation Day (1-21-2012)

Join us as we celebrate the role that aviation has played in business over the past century.

Business aviation day will feature aircraft that were or are used for corporate travel, such as the museum's own Lockheed Lodestar.


Chopper Day (2-18-2012)

Chopper day means helicopters & motorcycles!

We will be welcoming helicopters and motorcycles to the museum for a day of fun for the whole family! Past guests have included the LifeFlight air ambulance, the SkyFox News Helicopter, a Vietnam-Era UH-1 Huey, a US Coast Guard Dauphine, and many more!


Grumman Day (3-17-2012)

Come see the flying cats from Grumman! American Aviation started making planes such as the Yankee in 1969, and as the years passed, Grumman and Gulfstream stepped in to upgrade and evolve the design, building aircraft such as the Trainer, Lynx, Traveler, Cheetah, Tiger and Cougar.

Production of the last Tigers ended in 1979, but enjoyed a revival in 1990 from American General, and again from 2001 to 2007 by Tiger Aircraft, LLC. Whoever the manufacturer, nowadays we call them all Grummans. And these zippy low-wing planes maintain a strong following, from pilot/owners to service/support, with years of expertise available at our former Hobby neighbor FletchAir, able to build from scratch what they cannot find used.

We are pleased to welcome FletchAir's staff to visit with you in our Atrium, and the South Central Region of the International Grumman American Pilot's Association (AYA) to our ramp. Schedule permitting we may have one of the newest Grummans gracing our ramp straight from FletchAir's new home at Silver Wings Fly-In Ranch (TS36).


HobbyFest (4-21-2012)

On this Wings & Wheels we helped to support HobbyFest. Our Lockheed Lodestar was on hand to showcase the museum.


Learn to fly day! (5-19-2012)

Many people from all walks of life learn to fly every day. It is a very fun and challenging hobby, or can be made into a career!

This month we will feature planes and instructors from area flight schools to talk about the various aspects of becoming a pilot.


Beechcraft Day (6-16-2012)

Calling all Beechcraft!

Since Walter Beech came out with his first airplane, the Beechcraft Company has come out with many, many types of aircraft, and has established themselves as the lead manufacturer of aircraft for fast, safe, private transportation.

On this Wings & Wheels day, we pay tribute to this great company and line of aircraft by welcoming Beechcraft of all models to the museum. From early-model Staggerwings to late-model King Airs and BeechJets, we welcome them all!


Raffle day (7-21-2012)

Join us as we draw the winner of the raffle plane.

Buy a ticket today, and you could be the lucky winner!


Welcoming the CAF Houston Wing! (8-18-2012)

Join us Saturday, August 18 at the 1940 Air Terminal Museum for our monthly open house and fly-in.

We're welcoming the Commemorative Air Force, Houston Wing, from West Houston Airport (KIWS) to our ramp!

Look for their C-60A Lodestar "Goodtime Gal", joining our own Lockheed Model 18 Lodestar N31G on the ramp. "Goodtime Gal" is bringing a bunch of her friends too, so come on by and meet everyone!

Lockheed's beautiful Lodestar Model 18 was intended to compete with the DC-3, and while many were impressed into service for World War II, the C-60A models were purpose-built for the military.

The Museum's N31G started life as a C-60A in 1942, and flew for the advanced glider school in Long Beach before its stints at TACA Airlines and as an executive aircraft. The CAF Houston Wing's C-60A Lodestar was built in 1943 and served as a paratroop transport. After an extensive restoration, the CAF C-60A returned to flight on August 26.

It will be great to have these siblings together once again on our own ramp, and almost at the one-year anniversary of CAF Houston Wing's return of this beautiful plane to the sky. Check our website to find out more about other CAF Houston Wing aircraft which will visit.


A tribute to Maintenance in Aviation and Charity RAFFLE (9-15-2012)

Join us in celebrating the role maintenance has played in Aviation with the Houston chapter of the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA). Representatives from the Houston Chapter of PAMA will be present at our September Wings and Wheels event to talk to all that are interested about a career in aircraft maintenance.

PAMA will also be holding a charity raffle to pick the lucky person that will get to ride in a historic World War II era T-6 Texan aircraft. Built by North American Aviation as an advanced trainer, the T-6 served our country well training thousands of pilots during World War II. Come see this beautiful work horse of an aircraft at our Wings and Wheels event and who knows, you may be the lucky person to take off behind the 600 horse power Pratt and Whitney R-1340 "Wasp" Radial engine.

Second prize will be a Bendix/King AV8OR™ portable Multifunction Display (MFD). This unit takes you to the airport, provides airborne weather and guidance en route to your destination, and even provides entertainment along the way. Designed by pilots for pilots, the AV8OR's exceptional graphical user interface means that you'll spend less time entering data and more time piloting.

Click here for more information about the Raffle.

We would like to thank the following companies and organizations that have made this charity raffle and the "Maintenance in Aviation" event possible:




Bay Area Aero Club (10-20-2012)

This month we welcome the Bay Area Aero Club to the museum!

The Bay Area Aero Club, based at Pearland Regional Airport, is a non-profit flying club. They've been around since 1979, and have grown to 165 members and eight aircraft. Their members, as one would expect, range from student pilots to multi-engine certified pilots. They're a great example of a thriving and busy flying club, and we welcome them to our Museum!


Texas Raiders (11-17-2012)

This month we are honored to welcome the B-17G "Texas Raiders" to our ramp, fresh from another great display at Wings Over Houston! This aircraft is not only a wonderful example of the numerous bombers that helped win the second World War... it is also a wonderful example of the results of the tireless efforts by volunteers such as those in the Commemorative Air Force, Gulf Coast Wing, to preserve and restore these great pieces of aviation history.

"Texas Raiders" is a very hardworking plane, not only during its service to this country from 1945 to 1955, not only during its service as a civilian aerial photo platform from 1957 to 1967, but also for its longest tour, from 1967 to today as one of the many historical aircraft the CAF operates. After two major restorations and several awards on the airshow circuit, the 'TR' took a much needed breather and was once again disassembled and restored just two hangars down from the 1940 Air Terminal Museum, emerging once again in October of 2009 to rejoin the CAF fleet. We at the Museum were very happy to see TR undergoing its taxi tests right down Taxiway Golf!

CAF - Gulf Coast Wing - Texas Raiders

"Texas Raiders" will be on display on our ramp and will be selling rides! There are only eleven airworthy B-17s in the world, don't miss your chance to ride on one! Please visit and click on 'B-17 Airplane Rides' for more information.

As always, we welcome any and all aircraft to our ramp. Visit our website for updates, or just stop by Houston Hobby Airport on the third Saturday and let's see what flies in!

On the car side we're welcoming Houston JeepPeople, a family-oriented club that was formed in 2008 dedicated to four-wheeling and enjoying their Jeeps! Among their goals are promoting "Jeeping" as wholesome family fun, practicing ethical, environmentally-conscious use of public and private lands, and supporting the Tread Lightly program from the Texas Motorized Trails Coalition.

Learn about the great offroad fun that you can find in our wonderful state with these great people! As they say, it's not just about the Jeep, it's about the people!

Houston JeepPeople


HoustonSpotters & Museum Volunteer Appreciation Day (12-15-2012)

This month we turn our attention to those who turn their attention to airplanes and airports. If you love planes, we are right there with you! A plane spotter can be anyone from the families who enjoy Hobby's public viewing areas, to folks who like to jot down tail numbers, to those who improve their own craft photographing these flying craft. Why do you like to look at planes? Maybe you love refining your photgraphy techniques, and hope your shot is picked by a magazine or airline. Maybe you want to see how much of an airline's fleet you can see, and later compare notes with your fellow spotters. Maybe you just like watching these things take to the air, and share that enjoyment with your family.

HoustonSpotters.Net is a website dedicated to plane spotting in Houston.

HoustonSpotters day is all about plane spotting and photography. Ramp tours of Hobby will be arranged, and groups of people will be taken around the field to spot planes and take photos.

We also like to recognize the hard work our volunteers do all year for our museum, whether helping our monthly fly-ins come together, or staffing the museum the other 290-something days of the year.

Stop by the 1940 Air Terminal Museum at Houston Hobby Airport and let's see what flys in! We will have a few Ops tours scheduled so that you can see our great airport from a different angle. Be someone out standing in our field! Indoors, volunteer Michael Bludworth will entertain you with Houston aviation history and trivia! Brush up on those rare aircraft and fun facts, and he'll try to stump you!