Texas Raiders Day!

This month was all about the big green plane, The Commemorative Air Force's B-17 "Texas Raiders"!

Joining the B-17 on the ramp were two of the vehicles from the Sixth Cavalry Historical Association. The owner, Robert Singer was on hand to show of these beautiful vehicles. A big thanks to Tim Landers and museum volunteer Phil LaBox for arranging their visit.

The CAF folks sold rides to many people and made two trips in and out of our ramp.

In the atrium, we were treated to the sounds of the Jazz Connection Band while they played tunes from the 40's!

Out front, we hosted about 50 of the members of Houston JeepPeople. They filled up every bit of our parking lot and then some!

In case you're wondering why the only plane on the ramp the entire day was the B-17, this is because we had some logistical issues with positioning the B-17. Originally it was to operate much farther south than it did, giving it lots more room to turn around. Unfortunately, some trailers were parked in our way and we had to improvise. It was a tight fit, but we were able to get it on the ramp without crossing the line. This is why you saw them park it, then pull out, and park again. The airport also closed down runway 12R and so the B-17 would be operating out of runway 4 most of the day, meaning it would have to taxi out, and turn to the right (instead of the left - as we had originally planned), blasting everything in its wake. This was the reason we decided to park the fly-in planes down at our hangar, along with our raffle plane, and also why we put everyone behind the fence to reduce the effect of the prop wash.

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