Raffle day

It's that time of year again! The time when we give away an airplane!

Museum board member Eric Speck conducted the raffle. The money raised in the goes to help the museum keep the doors open and allows us to bring the rich history of Houston's avaiation to the public.

The winner of this year's raffle is Allen Langford of Bynum, TX. The winning ticket number was 2316. Allen wasn't on hand to accept his plane, but did drive down the following weekend and took a short hop around Houston with museum volunteer Blair McFarlain and vice president Bernard Morris.

We also brought out the Cessna Bobcat on loan to the museum, under its own power! The owner has asked that we keep it running and can taxi it back and forth from the hangar.

We had several fly-ins including a Piper brought in by museum volunteer Max Tribolet, as well as another Piper Cherokee 140, much like our raffle plane, and a Cessna Skylane.

The threat of looming weather kept most fly-in visitors away, and for good reason. Safety is always the top priority, and while we'd love to have fly-ins, pilots must always do what is in the best interest of safety for their plane and passengers.

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