Wings and Wheels 2014

THANKS to everyone who came out and helped to support the museum in 2013, we hope to see you back in the many years to come!

Each month, Wings & Wheels has a different theme to keep things fun and interesting. For a particular month's theme, we will try to get planes on static display, guest speakers, or hold special events which correspond to the curent theme.

No matter what type of plane you have, it is always welcome at Wings & Wheels!

Here are just a few highlights of 2014 that all of you helped to make happen!

Click on the month name below to view photos & information about previous Wings & Wheels events.

Wings & Wheels 2014


Business Aviation Day (1-18-2014)

Join us as we celebrate the role that aviation has played in business over the past century.

Business aviation day will feature aircraft that were or are used for corporate travel, such as the museum's own Lockheed Lodestar.


Chopper Day (2-15-2014)

Chopper day means helicopters & motorcycles!

We will be welcoming helicopters and motorcycles to the museum for a day of fun for the whole family! Past guests have included the LifeFlight air ambulance, the SkyFox News Helicopter, a Vietnam-Era UH-1 Huey, a US Coast Guard Dauphine, and many more!


Cessna Day (3-15-2014)

From the most popular and prolific training airplanes in the world, the Cessna 152 & Cessna 172, to cabin-class twins like the Cessna 421, and even to the fastest civilian jet in the world, the Cessna Citation X, the company that Clyde Cessna started has always and continues to make great airplanes.

We would like to welcome any and all Cessnas, from early 120's, 140's, and 195's to modern 350's, 400's, and jets to our ramp on this day! Also on this day, come meet representatives from several local flight schools and take the first steps toward realizing your dream of becoming a pilot!


Vietnam War Flight Museum Day (4-19-2014)

Just two doors down from the museum is the Vietnam War Flight Museum, founded in 2002 by Houston, TX aviator Rick Sharpe and is dedicated to educating the public about the service and sacrifice to the United States by the veterans of the Vietnam War.

This month's Wings & Wheels will feature several aircraft from their collection.


Learn to fly day (5-17-2014)

Many people from all walks of life learn to fly every day. It is a very fun and challenging hobby, or can be made into a career!

The EAA announced International Learn to Fly Day in 2009 with the aim of growing the pilot population and educating the public about the importance and value of the airports in their communities. Many people don't know what it takes to earn their wings. For many, flying is only something one daydreams about, because it is such an unknown, and it is up to pilots to invite others 'across the fence' and show them what it is all about. Airports as well are great unknowns, but they serve us and our communities - they are ours to visit too!

For Learn to Fly Day, we're inviting area flight schools and flying clubs to visit the original terminal building at Hobby Airport and help us remove the mystery about becoming a pilot.


Beechcraft Day (6-21-2014)

Calling all Beechcraft!

Since Walter Beech came out with his first airplane, the Beechcraft Company has come out with many, many types of aircraft, and has established themselves as the lead manufacturer of aircraft for fast, safe, private transportation.

On this Wings & Wheels day, we pay tribute to this great company and line of aircraft by welcoming Beechcraft of all models to the museum. From early-model Staggerwings to late-model King Airs and BeechJets, we welcome them all!


Raffle Day (7-19-2014)

This month our Raffle Plane takes center stage! It's Raffle Day! Join us as we draw the winner of the raffle plane.

Tickets are still available for $50 until noon on Friday, July 18. Buy a ticket today, and you could be the lucky winner! You can buy them right here on the website, or stop by, or call us.

This is the seventh year we've given away an airplane! You could be our lucky winner!


West Ramp Warbird Roundup! (8-16-2014)

It's that time of year again, when we gather up all the warbirds we can and invite them to the museum for a day of fun!

This month, we will feature some incredible vintage aircraft from several different organizations, all dedicated to keeping these historical aircraft flying!

On the schedule at this point are the following aircraft (in no particular order):

CAF Houston Wing
AT-6A Texan "Ace in the Hole"
BT-13 Valiant
PT-19A Cornell
N3N biplane trainer "Yellow Peril"

CAF Gulf Coast Wing
B-17G Flying Fortress "Texas Raiders"

CAF Highland Lakes Squadron
C-47B Skytrain (DC3) "Bluebonnet Belle"

Collings Foundation
UH-1E Iroquois (Huey)


Mooney Day (9-20-2014)

Mooney Aircraft are built here in Texas and are easily identified by their distinctive tails, with a shape that makes them appear forward-swept. They consistently make headlines for the speed of their aircraft, such as the Acclaim, which became the fastest single-engine aircraft, and the Ovation3, which became the fastest single-engine, normally aspirated aircraft.

Mooney Day is September 20 2014!

Partly as a result of the enormous economic recession, Mooney stopped producing aircraft in 2008 but continued to provide parts and technical support, and reduced staff further and further. Type clubs committed to the aircraft were in abundance at our March 2011 Wings and Wheels.

Kerrville, TX is building Mooneys again, and the first was delivered at Oshkosh. Come meet fellow Mooney owners and share tips and learn more about these great planes, still setting records as Mooney Rises. Have a Mooney? Stop on by! We will be joined by the Mooney Aircraft Pilots Association, the Mooney Ambassadors, the Mooney Caravan / Formation Flying Group, and Vintage Mooney Group.

Texas Delorean Owners

We're also hosting the timeless automobiles from the DeLorean Owners of Texas. This club serves DeLorean owners and enthusiasts in central and southeast Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

Another story of a vehicle and its unstoppable, devoted fans, DeLorean owners who were left without a company to turn to soon found people who were ready to provide service and support. Eventually they too found warehouses of parts, enough to remanufacture existing vehicles, and soon, assemble completely new ones.

DeLorean Owners of Texas

Come see the sharp-edged vehicles of the air and ground!

Fly-in visitors are encouraged, as you know any and every plane is always welcome. Fly to Wings and Wheels and join us on the ramp!

Wings and Wheels is from 11 am to 3 pm the third Saturday of each month and has a different theme each month.

Admission is $7 for adults and $3 for children, and includes access to the Museum, static aircraft and vehicle displays, and supervised access to the ramp when open. Admission is waived for visitors who fly in, or who drive in with a classic car. Lunch is available from a local mobile food vendor.

Flaming Patties - Serious Gourmet Burgers

Flaming Patties will be onsite with their delicious gourmet burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches! Find out more at their Facebook page or follow them (around town!) on Twitter.


Airliner Collectible Show - with Swifts! (10-18-2014)

The Globe Swift was the first low wing, two-place retractable-gear general aviation aircraft, and it was produced here in Texas! This aircraft had fighter-plane looks that made it a real eye-catcher. Over 1500 were produced in Fort Worth and Grand Prarie, Texas.

The Swift was developed from a traditional wood/fabric prototype, and after a few wood/tube/fabric iterations, the 1940 design evolved by 1945 into an all-metal aircraft. After certification in 1946, over 1500 GC-1A and GC-1B aircraft were built until production ended in 1951.

We are welcoming the Red River Swift Wing and any pilots of these great aircraft to visit the 1940 Air Terminal Museum in October. Of course, any and every plane is always welcome to Wings and Wheels, which runs from 11 am to 3 pm Saturday, October 18.

Also enjoy the 23rd annual Airliners Collectibles Show taking place concurrently from 9am to 3pm in our Atrium!


Hangar Day (11-15-2014)

This month we're showing off our collection of donated and loaned aircraft with thanks to the folks who have made it possible to have a full hangar. After all, what is an airport without airplanes?

Perhaps you've been longing to look upon our lovely Lockheed Lodestar, behold our Bamboo Bomber, check out our Sikorsky chopper, or take in our Texaco Tanker Truck! Well, come on by and we will make sure you get to see this great stuff and more. Weather permitting, we'll have most or all these aircraft out on our ramp! In addition, we will have cars from the Houston chapter of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America!

Our thanks to Paul F. Barnhard, Sr., for the beautiful Lockheed Lodestar, Dennis Winegarner for the gracious loan of the Cessna T-50 'Bamboo Bomber', St. Louis Helicopters for the kid-pleasing Sikorski S-58, and our friends at the Houston Heritage Society for the loan of the sharp-looking Texaco Truck.

Fly-in visitors are encouraged, as you know any and every plane is always welcome to the 1940 Air Terminal Museum. Fly to Wings and Wheels and join us on the ramp!


HoustonSpotters & Museum Volunteer Appreciation Day (12-20-2014)

This month we turn our attention to those who turn their attention to airplanes and airports. If you love planes, we are right there with you! A plane spotter can be anyone from the families who enjoy Hobby's public viewing areas, to folks who like to jot down tail numbers, to those who improve their own craft photographing these flying craft. Why do you like to look at planes? Maybe you love refining your photography techniques, and hope your shot is picked by a magazine or airline. Maybe you want to see how much of an airline's fleet you can see, and later compare notes with your fellow spotters. Maybe you just like watching these things take to the air, and share that enjoyment with your family.

HoustonSpotters.Net is a website dedicated to plane spotting in Houston.

HoustonSpotters day is all about plane spotting and photography. Ramp tours of Hobby will be arranged, and groups of people will be taken around the field to spot planes and take photos.

We also like to recognize the hard work our volunteers do all year for our museum, whether helping our monthly fly-ins come together, or staffing the museum the other 290-something days of the year.

Stop by the 1940 Air Terminal Museum at Houston Hobby Airport and let's see what flys in! We will have a few Ops tours scheduled so that you can see our great airport from a different angle. Be someone out standing in our field!