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Raffle plane 9.0 delivery

Sunday, September 11, 2016
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On Saturday September 3, 2016, raffle plane 9.0, N7980B was delivered to Miami, OK to the winner, Mr. Dennis Moore!

Museum president Bernard Morris and volunteer Blair McFarlain delivered the plane to a very happy owner!

Our day started early, with a sunrise pre-flight.


We planned to make one fuel stop in KOSA – Mount Pleasant, TX, which, as we discovered, is also the home of the Mid America Flight Museum!



Bernard approves!



On the ground in Mount Pleasant!


The plane is fueled and ready to go!


Bernard even got in a little bit of planespotting while we walked to see the museum.


LOTS of cool planes in here, we will definitely be back!








When we landed at Miami, OK, we were greeted by an enthusiastic winner and his son.   Mr. Moore is retired from the FAA and is an A&P mechanic and will have a lot of fun with his new plane!



A toast to a job well done while waiting for our flight back to Houston!


What Goes Into a Raffle Drawing?

Thursday, July 16, 2015
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Our annual airplane raffle is a great way to raise money for the museum, and we take our annual airplane raffle very seriously.


There are a lot of things that need to happen before we draw the winning ticket which is why ticket sales stop at noon on the Friday before the drawing. First, we collect any sold and unsold tickets from our volunteer sales force. Some of our volunteers check out tickets to sell at a variety of aviation events and venues, and we need to get these back, sold or unsold, so they can be accounted for. Next, we need to make sure that the information from all of the tickets that have been sold has been correctly entered into our database. After we end ticket sales the day before the drawing, we conduct a thorough internal audit of every aspect of the raffle. In the course of this audit, we place each sold ticket stub in numerical order and cross-check against the sold tickets we have in our database. We do the same thing with every unsold ticket.

On the raffle day itself, we get an independent accounting firm to donate time and help us to conduct the raffle.  After we do an internal audit, they go back through and check our work. They audit our records and account for and verify every sold and unsold ticket. Once the accountants have verified all of our records and the sold and unsold tickets, the sold ticket stubs go back in the tumbler and the accountants lock it.

This means that whether you buy your ticket on the first or last day of the raffle, it doesn’t matter!  If you buy it on the last day, it won’t be “on top of the pile”, so to speak, they all have to be removed, counted, verified and put back in the tumbler.  Once the accountants are finished with it, they lock the cage until the drawing.  The cage is on display in the atrium throughout the day, and anyone is welcome to give it a spin!

Now comes the fun part – the drawing itself. We typically do this after lunch on the raffle day. We address the crowd and build the anticipation.  The Museum President says a few words about the raffle and thanks the accounting firm for their help, as well as everyone who participated in the raffle.  The money collected from the raffle goes directly to the bottom line to help the museum grow and prosper.  THANK YOU to all who participate!

Then, the big moment arrives. We give the tumbler a few last spins, and a representative from the accounting firm that audits the raffle draws the winning ticket. We announce the winner, meanwhile crossing our fingers that they are present. While the winners of some of our previous raffles were not present, we were able to call them from a telephone that was connected to our sound system for everyone to hear. It’s a fun moment, and the reactions from the winners are priceless.

The first two winners were from the local Houston area and were able to make it to the Museum while our Wings & Wheels – Raffle Day Celebration was still ongoing. After all of the photos have been taken and hands have been shaken, the paperwork gets signed, and the winner flies off into the sunset in their very own airplane!

We hope that this year, the winner will be present at the event and can share the excitement of the drawing with our eager and enthusiastic crowd of visitors and volunteers. Who knows, it could be you! Get your ticket now!

The winner is drawn!

Saturday, July 19, 2014
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This year’s raffle winner has been drawn!

The winner is Michael Fazio of Buffalo Grove, IL. The winning ticket is 2335.

Congratulations to Michael, and THANK YOU to all who supported us for our fundraiser!


Ranger airfield fly-in

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
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The Raffle Plane will be heading to historic Ranger, TX for a fly-in and airshow at the historic Ranger Field (F23) on Friday October 4 and Saturday October 5th.

This is a grass strip that was originally visited in 1911 when RG Fowler landed his Wright biplane there on his quest to win the William Randolph Hearst prize for crossing the US in 30 days.  Sadly, it took Fowler over 100.  This is a small, city-owned airfield that is maintained by volunteers, and they really want to get the word out about themselves.  This fly-in and airshow is a great way to get back in touch with history.

Check out the website for more information:



Vectors for Hope charity fly-in

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Join this year’s new raffle plane at David Wayne Hooks airport in Tomball on September 28, 2013 from 10am to 2pm.

Vectors for Hope was founded by a small group of Houston area air traffic controllers when we got together to come up with a way to educate the public about aviation and to raise awareness for aviation charitable organizations. We have partnered with the National Air Traffic Controllers Charitable Foundation to provide a means of raising money for non-profit organizations.


To raise money for local charities, promote general aviation, inspire young people to get involved in aviation, and for the community to have a fun day at the airport!

General Information

The 1st Annual Vectors For Hope Fly-In will benefit some great aviation related organizations. They are Angel Flight South Central, The Houston Ground Angels, and Around the World for Life. These organizations provide free transportation to treatment facilities for patients with life threatening illnesses.

For more information visit their website at http://vectorsforhope.org


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