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Weather Grounds Raffle Plane this past Weekend

Monday, September 14, 2009
Filed under: Raffle Plane, Raffle Plane 3.0 - N9379B by Blair

Well, we had planned to go to the Angelina County Airport in Lufkin, TX (KLFK) this past Saturday, September 12, to attend their monthly Fajita Fly-In, but unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate.  We awoke to low ceilings and poor visibility here in the Houston area, and a quick call to Lufkin confirmed that things were even worse there, and not forecast to get any better.  So, we went with the prudent decision to keep ‘Songbird’ (as we affectionately refer to the raffle plane) safely tucked away in her hangar and try the Lufkin trip again in a future month.

For next weekend, you can come see Songbird on display at Wings & Wheels – Women in Aviation Day on Saturday, September 19.  We hope to see you there!