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On this day in aviation history…

Monday, December 17, 2012
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On this day in aviation history, many things happened!

In 1903, the Wright Brothers made their first powered flight.
In 1935 the Douglas DC-3 made its first flight – and it’s a better story!

On this day in history…well, not local history but let’s see if I can tie it in! Today is the anniversary of the first flight of the DC-3, in Santa Monica, CA. The DC-3 would allow airlines to make money by carrying passengers alone – without the mail! After WWII the sheer ubiquity of them would allow many startups airlines – like TTA – the chance to have a modern, reliable, profitable – and cheap! – Airplane to build their system on.
Many are still flying in revenue service around the world and a large number have been rebuilt into hardy turboprop aircraft for use in extreme conditions – the Basler BT-67. The story of the DC-3 is unique and one of the greatest stories of aviation!
As I have said on many occasions – the DC-3 is etched in stone at the ATM! …and it’s more than a simple coincidence. In 1940 few could have presaged the impact that the DC-3 would have – after WWII! At the time, an unimaginable future, as the entire world view would change after 1941.

And finally…with the takeoff of the Wright Flyer another first was engendered – Airplane Photography! Flying and photography are two hobbies that grew up at the same time and we are privileged to have had expert exponents of both skills flying hand-in-hand to record the best story of the 20th Century! So, here’s a huzzah! To all those boys clicking the shutter while holding onto their seat belts!

Michael Bludworth