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SWA Retires the first Shamu plane

Thursday, January 3, 2013
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SWA has retired the original Shamu airframe, N334SW. This 737-300 was the first airplane painted in the now famous whale scheme. It was done as a cross promotion for Sea World of California and the ship entered service in May of 1988.
Over the ensuing years 334 was joined by two additional Shamu painted 737-500s: N507SW and N501SW. They were eventually stripped of their Shamu paint and replaced with two new 737-700s which are still in the fleet and proudly painted as Shamu: N713WN and N715WN.
The last revenue flight was on December 9th and the ship is currently in Tucson where it is to be dismantled and scrapped.
At this time the airline doesn’t know if a third Shamu will join the fleet (but I’ve got to say that a 737-800 Shamu would look super!).

Michael Bludworth