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Raffle Plane Successful at Under the Wire Fly-In!

Monday, September 28, 2009
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After a brief delay waiting for the weather to clear up Saturday morning, museum volunteers PJ Gustafson and Mike Kelly took off from Hobby Airport in the raffle plane, bound for the Flying V Ranch airport in Louise, TX for the “Under the Wire” Fly-In.  Incidentally, this fly-in got its name because there used to be a power line that stretched across the runway mid-field that you would have to pass under on takeoff and landing.  That power line has since been buried under the runway, but the name, and the fly-in fun still remain!

Songbird, as we affectionately refer to the 1958 Cessna Skylark which we are giving away, arrived at the fly-in right around noon and we were given a prime position right in front of the main food hangar.  Museum volunteers Gene Bursick, Francisco Gutierrez, and Blair McFarlain had all driven down, and got right to work selling tickets with PJ & Mike.  It was a great day with a lot of beautiful airplanes flying around, and a lot of good contacts were made with other fly-in organizers.  By the time we all left at about 4:30p, we had sold a good number of tickets and told a lot of people about the museum.

For the return trip, PJ rode back with Francisco and Blair flew Songbird back to Hobby with Mike.  It was a great day, and we can’t wait to take Songbird up to Terrell, TX for next weekend’s fly-in!