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Aviation Merit Badge program

Monday, August 25, 2014
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Thanks to the dedicated efforts of museum volunteers, guest speakers, and partnering businesses, the 1940 Air Terminal Museum executed three successful Aviation Merit Badge Workshops between May and July of 2014. Over one hundred Boy Scouts, troop leaders, and parents attended these one day programs, driving from as far as Madisonville and Port Arthur, TX to earn their merit badges! In seven hours, these students learned basic scientific principles of flight, identified functions of various instruments found in a single-engine aircraft, plotted courses on aeronautical charts, and conducted pre-flight inspections of our Cessna 172 Raffle Plane. Participants also had a unique opportunity to visit three different aviation and airport operations facilities. Flight Safety International demonstrated training technology available to new generation pilots while both Southwest and United Airlines allowed Scouts to explore the internal structures of commercial airplanes in their Maintenance Hangars. Guest speakers provided personal testimony regarding challenges, benefits, and excitement of careers in aviation, including but not limited to: Air Force pilots and mechanics, Airport Operations Supervisors, Airport Ramp Services, Certified Pilot Instructors, and Commercial Pilots. A surprise appearance by the Hobby Airport Fire Department and free flight-time in commissioned simulators served as finishing touches to this fantastic experience. In all, 63 complete badges and 2 partial badges were awarded to Boy Scouts through our Aviation Merit Badge Workshop.

While no other classes are scheduled at this time, the 1940 Air Terminal Museum hopes to host more Scout programs and educational events in the near future. Please continue to check our website periodically for updates!



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