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Reklaw: day two

Monday, November 2, 2009
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On Saturday morning, we got to sleep in late! PJ, Mark and Bernard drove up early, and got to the airport at about 8am.

PJ dropped Mark & Bernard off, and headed up to the hotel to come pick up Cisco & I.

Once we got there, we helped them get set up, and started to watch everyone arrive.

There were lots of campers. Once the morning got going, many people were arriving and flying and going around the pattern, making low high speed passes. It was fun! I could have just sat there all day watching it!

There were many different types of planes there. This one looked like fun!

Here are our intrepid volunteers, doing what they do best!

The Antonov AN-2 made an appearance around lunch time, and did a few fly-bys. It would come down low and slow, and smoke the place up! the entire runway turned white for just a minute, it was awesome!

Clint was also flying around with his other Cub buddies.

It was a fun day of watching planes and selling tickets. We sold 30 tickets on Saturday!

Once it started getting dark (and cold) we packed up everything for the night. PJ, Mark and Bernard were ready to head back. PJ drove us back up into Jacksonville for dinner at a mexican restaurant and then dropped us off at the hotel.

PJ and crew then loaded up for the long trip back to Houston. Francisco & I decided to watch the video I had got from Friday and Saturday. I’m still processing the video, and will have it posted soon!

Cisco had confirmed that the “bus” would be running in the morning…

Next installment: the trip home!