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Reklaw: day three

Monday, November 2, 2009
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Sunday morning, Francisco & I got up, ate breakfast, checked out and expected to catch the “bus”.

It was supposed to leave at 8:30 and we were downstairs at 8:00. I will say the Holiday Inn Express had an excellent breakfast buffet both days.

Anyway, we finally called the ranch, and no one answered. We gave them more time, but no one answered. We finally had to call on our friends who took us home on Friday night to see if they could give us a ride.

They agreed, even though they weren’t planning on going back on Sunday! They were in the hotel right next door, and so we walked over and hopped in the suburban.

They were very gracious, and drove us right up to the plane!

It was about 9:45 at this point, and everyone was leaving. So, we decided to pre-flight and pack up, and head on home. One last guy walked up to us and asked “Are you guys still selling tickets.” To which I said “Yes Sir!”

Our official ticket count was 38 for the trip. I know what you’re thinking… 7 on Friday, and 30 on Saturday doesn’t make 38. Well, we ended up giving our friends who gave us a ride, a ticket for their troubles. They were very appreciative and we will keep in touch with them, they live up in Oklahoma.

As people started to depart, we gathered up all our stuff, and stuffed it into the plane. It’s amazing we got all that stuff in the back of the plane and back seat!

We took off using only about half the runway. It was a very fun trip, and one I intend to repeat next year.

We had only used 1/4 of the fuel on board to get up there, so I decided to fly straight to Hooks where the museum has an account that we can get the plane filled up, and also get some food, before heading back to Hobby. We can get fuel at Hobby, but it’s cheaper at Hooks & West Houston.

After we ate lunch, we headed down to Hobby, and flew the “Rick Sharpe” approach into Hobby, which is to come into runway 12, and then switch to runway 17. It was gusting to about 22 knots, so I decided to do a no-flap landing, and came in pretty good, right on the centerline, and even still only used half the runway, mostly because of the headwind. (I’ve got video of this too, will post it soon!)

We taxied to the hangar and put the plane away. We also spent a little time cleaning it and wiping the bugs off of it before going home.

We plan to be at Reklaw again next year!

A big THANKS to David & Marcia Mason for letting us attend. We had a blast!