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Raffle plane attends Ranger 2011 air show!

Sunday, May 29, 2011
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For the second year in a row, the museum’s raffle plane was invited to attend the Ranger Air Show. We were honored to be a part of the festivities again this year.

Museum volunteers Gene “The ticket selling machine” Bursick, Max Tribolet, and Blair McFarlain were in attendance and all flew up in the raffle plane.

We started out early on Saturday morning, we arrived at Hooks airport right at sunrise, but had to wait about an hour for the clouds to clear up enough for a VFR departure. Once we did, we called up Houston departure and got VFR flight following up to F23.

(The plane is normally kept at Hobby, but we recently had an annual done on the plane, and our mechanic is up at Hooks.  We hadn’t had a chance to move the plane back to Hobby yet, so we just operated out of Hooks.  Thanks to Tomball Jet for the hangar space!)

We requested 6500 for our altitude, and it took about 20 minutes to get there. We were immediately cleared through the bravo airspace and turn to our on course heading of 310.

Gene & I were up front on the way up there and Max flew up front on the way back.

Once we leveled off, Max took the opportunity to catch up on some sleep since we got up so early!

Most of our trip looked like this, with widely scattered clouds, but about 3/4 of the way up, it cleared up completely, but was getting hotter, and got a bit hazy.

Our raffle plane is a very capable VFR aircraft, and flies great!  It also has the Horton STOL kit, which makes takeoffs and landings very smooth!

It includes (among other things) a panel-mounted Garmin GNC 360XL VFR GPS.  The Garmin 396  shown in the photo above is NOT included in the raffle, however, you DO get the panel mount that is attached to the plane, so if the winner has a 396, they’re set!

We started our descent down from 6500 to pattern altitude about 20 miles out, and canceled flight following.  We could hear some chatter on 122.9 from pretty far out, but it was at another airport.  When we arrived, we were the only plane in the pattern.  We landed on the grass strip and it was smooth as could be.  They maintain the field well there at Ranger!

When we landed Ranger organizer Jared Calvert asked if we were with the museum, and directed us to a reserved spot at show center!  We taxied back and shut down.  We spun the plane around by hand (not as easy on grass as it is on concrete!) and started setting up for the day.

We were Greeted by Jared Calvert, the organizer for the event.

We met many great people, sold some tickets and had a great time checking out all the cool planes!

Our friend Dennis Price was on hand to photograph the event.  Dennis is a staple at many of the local airshows around Texas and is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet!  Once he downloads all the photos, he gives out CD’s of the photos for all to enjoy.  Thank you, Dennis for all your hard work!

We enjoyed the airshow performance with a front row view, sitting under our wing!  The performances were great, and I only wish it was me up there in those planes!

After the performances, many people started up their planes and headed home.  Here are some photos from the departures.

Pretty soon, it was time to go.  We thanked Jared for his hospitality and then started up.  We headed southeast fighting a headwind, and headed for Stephenville to fuel up.  After a short break in the air conditioning at Stephenville, we got back into the plane and headed back home.  We called up Fort Worth center and got flight following all the way back to Hooks.

It was a great day of flying, and selling tickets.  Jared invited us to come back again next year, and we look forward to it!