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Raffle plane attends Cleveland, TX fly-in!

Monday, July 4, 2011
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The Cleveland Aviators Aero Club invited us to attend their fly-in on July 2, 2011.  We contacted the organizers and asked if we could come by and sell tickets, and they said sure!

The summary of the day was that it was HOT!  However, that didn’t stop the people from coming out and enjoying the fly-in.  There was a flour bombing competition, along with a spot landing competition.

Museum volunteers Rebecca Carroll, Max Tribolet, and Blair McFarlain set out in N8175B from Hobby.  Since IAH was landing to the west and we had arrivals coming in from the northeast, ATC routed us to the south of Hobby and to the south of Ellington.  It was a nice clear day, and we got to see the bay!

We were routed well east of the landings at IAH, but still got to see a few of the planes landing as they passed overhead.

Once we arrived, we met up with Devon, one of the organizers, and got set up to sell.  We ran into a few friends, Phil Cushing in his white & blue Cessna 120, as well as Gary Evans, of Coats & Evans in the company car, Twin Commander N799CE.

The trip was a great success with us selling 13 tickets in all!  Cleveland is a close destination, and the less we spend in fuel, the more money we make for the museum!  We even ran into one gentleman who had already bought a ticket a few days before, and it turns out that Rebecca was the one he spoke to!  Small world!

After all the festivities were over, we packed up and headed out.  We checked Airnav.com for the cheapest fuel prices, and found that Baytown was it.  We took off, and after dodging a small rain cell, we made our way down to Baytown.  When we arrived, a line guy offered to help us fuel at the self-serve pump.  He was very nice, and said that the fuel is available 24/7 but if they’re there during the day, they will come out and help you fuel.  We definitely appreciated the hospitality, and the cheap fuel, and will certainly be back.  It was only a short trip back to Hobby from there.