July 7, 2003 - Asbestos abatement of the North Wing is finished!

07/07/03  07/07/03

11:00 a.m.: The asbestos abatement crew works to remove the last of the debris.

07/07/03  07/07/03

Once the debris is removed, the floors are hosed down room by room.

07/07/03  07/07/03

Steel beams, brick block walls and some wood framing are all that is left. All of the additions and remodeling are gone - this is the original structure of the building.

07/07/03  07/07/03

2:00 p.m.: The job is finished and the asbestos abatement crew gathers their equipment.

07/07/03  07/07/03

Bare brick block walls, exposed studs, limestone and granite trim, steel beams and girders...

07/07/03  07/07/03

The 1940 Air Terminal's unique character shines through.

07/07/03  07/07/03

July 5, 2003 - Asbestos abatement of the North Wing is almost finished! The asbestos abatement crew is working through the weekend to finish the job as quickly as possible. They are on track to complete the asbestos removal within the next couple of days.

Asbestos abatement crew dons protective gear in the lobby, 07/05/03  The crew, from the small observation window in the lobby, 07/05/03

Looking toward the future. As Phase I construction begins on the North Wing, the South Wing awaits its restoration, planned to take place during Phase II.

South Wing of the 1940 Air Terminal, 07/05/03  The 1940 Air Terminal, looking up at the Tower Cab from the South Wing, 07/05/03

July 3, 2003 - Asbestos abatement continues! The asbestos abatement crew is making good progress on the North Wing. They plan to finish the job within the next few days. As they remove plaster, panelling, and wall board, they are uncovering the basic structural elements of the building. Several of the walls are now just bare brick block, while others are simply metal rebar. The terminal's main two-story atrium is filled with equipment, old furniture, and other construction odds and ends. As the asbestos abatement is finished, architect Howard Hill and engineer Richard Burr work to finalize the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing plans for the next phase of construction and restoration.

The old Limosine corner counter and Braniff ticketing area, 07/03/03  The old Eastern Airlines ticket counter, 07/03/03

Only the rebar remains, 07/03/03  The 1940 Air Terminal, 07/03/03

The old Trans-Texas Airways counter, 07/03/03  The old novelties counter, 07/03/03

June 30, 2003 - Asbestos abatement began today! The asbestos abatement crew began removing asbestos from the North Wing of the 1940 Air Terminal today. Trace amounts of asbestos have been found in the plaster. The asbestos crew will remove the plaster and expose the underlying brick walls.

Removing the plaster in the former Eastern Airlines reservations office and radio room, 06/30/03  Cleaning up the floor, 06/30/03

Going all the way up to the ceiling, 06/30/03  Removing plaster from the old Braniff ticket counter area and offices, 06/30/03

The North Wing hallway, facing north, 06/30/03  The North Wing hallway, facing south, 06/30/03

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