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The Houston Municipal Air Terminal, 1940-1954

TWA Boeing 307 Stratoliner The Houston Municipal Air Terminal

Ready to Taxi (circa 1941):

During a rare visit to Houston, a TWA Boeing 307 Stratoliner prepares for departure in front of the Aviation Enterprises hangar immediately south of the Houston Municipal Airport Terminal.

Almost Finished (circa 1940):

The Houston Municipal Air Terminal prior to its grand opening in 1940. Note the tower cab is under construction.

Winged Mercury HMAT 04

Winged Mercury (circa 1940):

Sculptor and artist Dwight Holmes poses with one of two Winged Mercury friezes that he created for the main entrances to the Houston Municipal Air Terminal.

Modern Elegance (circa 1941):

The lastest coupe is displayed in front of the new Houston Municipal Air Terminal and ultra-modern Douglas DC-3 from Eastern Airlines' Great Silver Fleet.

Houston International Airport Pioneer Air Lines Douglas DC-3

Downwind for Runway 8 (circa 1950):

Aerial view of the Houston International Airport. Note the crowded tarmac around the recently renamed Houston International Air Terminal (formerly the Houston Municipal Air Terminal).

Local Service Pioneer (circa 1947):

Original local service air carrier Pioneer Air Lines (formerly Essair) operated its Douglas DC-3s and later Martin 2-0-2s from the Houston Municipal Air Terminal throughout Texas.

Chicago & Southern Douglas DC-3 Society columnist Hetta Hopper

Route of the Dixieliners (circa 1943):

Chicago & Southern Airlines inaugurates Douglas DC-3 service to the Houston Municipal Airport as part of its Route of the Dixieliners.

Shopping in Style (circa 1948):

Famous society columnist Hetta Hopper pauses for a photo as she departs the Houston Municipal Air Terminal with her purchases from Sakowitz Brothers department store.

Braniff International Airways Douglas DC-4 Pan American World Airways Douglas DC-4

Bound for the Windy City (circa 1946):

Braniff International Airways Douglas DC-4 prepares to depart the Houston Municipal Airport for Dallas Love Field and Chicago Midway Airport.

Adios! (circa 1948):

Pan American World Airways Douglas DC-4 is readied for the flight from the Houston International Airport to Mexico City and South America.

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