Flight Crews: Captains, Co-Pilots, and Stewardesses


Trans-Texas Airways Stewardesses Trans-Texas Airways Douglas DC-3

Texas Style (circa 1950):

Trans-Texas Airways Stewardesses pose for a group photograph on the tail of a Douglas DC-3 Starliner.

Captain and Co-Pilot (circa 1947):

Trans-Texas Airways Captain and Co-Pilot return to the Houston Municipal Airport after completing the Route of the Starliners in a Douglas DC-3.

Interior, Trans-Texas Airways Douglas DC-3 Cockpit, Mid-Continent Lockheed Lodestar

Enjoy your Flight (circa 1950):

A Trans-Texas Airways Stewardess provides in-flight service aboard a Douglas DC-3 Starliner.

Air Chiefs (circa 1946):

Mid-Continent Captain and Co-Pilot pause before departing the Houston Municipal Airport in their Lockheed L-18 Lodestar.

Interior, Douglas DC-3 Eastern Airlines Martin 4-0-4 and Douglas DC-3

Fasten your Seat Belts (circa 1947):

Passengers aboard a Douglas DC-3 relax as the Stewardess prepares for landing.

Fair Skies (circa 1952):

Eastern Airlines Captain Don Landry, Co-Pilot Ed Wyrick, and Stewardess Marcia Roeding stride past an Eastern Airlines Douglas DC-3 on the way to their Martin 4-0-4 Silver Falcon.

Interior, Douglas DC-3 Cockpit, Douglas DC-6

Experience of a Lifetime (circa 1947):

The Stewardess poses with young travelers on their first flight aboard a Douglas DC-3.

The Front Office (circa 1950):

The Captain at the controls of a Douglas DC-6.

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